Indig Moving Services

Indig Moving Services is proud to offer the public premium moving services at a fair competitive rate.

We specialize in business and office moves. Our team is fully insured and confident that we can serve you with the utmost respect and professionalism.

We also run a neighbourhood U-Haul. This is a huge benefit to you for the following reasons:

  • Right equipment available for you!

  • Dollies are no extra cost!

  • Boxes & moving supplies at a discounted rate!

  • Complimentary moving supplies provided!

Business Moving Services

Public Moving Services

We attend your business and move all your property without you needing to do a thing. We even go as far as marking where your property goes when we bring it to the other location!

Public moving services are some of our favourite times that we have! When we move members of the public, we always try to go the extra mile by ensuring that the customer does not have to worry or stress about any part of the transfer of belongings from one property to another.